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YouTube Total Views 113

YouTube Subscribers 16

Twitter Followers 35

This is a collection of stats starting November 28th, 2016

Who are we?

Just a couple of Salesforce developers just trying to give back what we can to the community.

YouTube Podcast

Ryan Headley

Spring '15 Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Certified Dev, Python/Django lover, Amateur Musician, Flexion, Inc.


Bryan James

Such Code. Much Develop. So Salesforce. Team MapAnything!

RJ Hill

BS in Physics, MS in Computer Science, Salesforce and AWS developer, Team MapAnything!

Website Medium

Brian Hubbard

BS in Physics, podcast producer, AWS developer, Team MapAnything!

Ethan Rush

Social Media wiz kid, once played the part of Captain Hook in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

  • Who Are We?

  • Ryan Headley

  • Bryan James

  • RJ Hill

  • Brian Hubbard

  • Ethan Rush